Young Adult Programme 2023

Ireland has always been known as a beautiful island country, recognized for its stunning natural scenery, deep cultural heritage, and friendly people. In addition to benefiting from language and living experiences, students can also gain a deeper understanding of local culture and traditions. The Young Adult Porgramme is designed for senior students aged 16-20.

The Young Adult Programme focuses on enhancing students’ language skills while also helping them to strengthen their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. This study tour includes regular English Language tuition, seminars and workshops in different fields, as well as various career guidance such as CV & cover letter writing, Intercultural Differences, face to face communication and practicing different writing styles. Allowing students to have a comprehensive understanding of university life and career-related information including interview and job search skills. Participants will be grouped with other teenagers of similar age for activities, spending the summer time with new friends from different nationalities.

Please refer to the following link for more information about the study tour:

Young Adult Programme.pdf

⟡ Early Bird Discounts ⟡
4% discount for registration before April 21st
2% discount for registration before May 12th

For any inquires and applications, please contact us by the following:

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