Irish International Education Center (IIEC)

The Irish International Education Center (IIEC) endeavors to promote Irish culture and education in Hong Kong and China.  At the time of its establishment in 2012, it was also the time Hong Kong launched the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), IIEC introduced the qualifications framework of Ireland to the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, and we also introduced HKDSE to the Quality and Qualifications of Ireland (QQI) for recognition of qualifications between the two places. We host a series of Irish cultural and educational events through a close collaboration with the Education in Ireland, and various higher education institutions of Ireland to promote Irish culture, education and the country as a whole.

Adhering to the motto of “We build people”, IIEC offers professional assistance to students who intend to study in Ireland.  We understand that our students are far away from home, so we pay special attention to the needs of each student and provide appropriate support to enhance the learning outcomes of students.  It is rewarding to see our students finding their purpose in life, realizing their dreams and fulfilling their potentials.  Students’ improvements and achievements keep up our momentum.

IIEC is the Hong Kong Office of the Irish Chinese Society Galway of Ireland (ICSG) which was founded by Mr. Kam Chin, formerly a school teacher in Hong Kong and now an overseas Chinese leader living in Ireland.  ICSG’s objective is “Unite Chinese Overseas, Inherit Chinese Culture” and to promote harmonious relations with the Irish local population. It provides a platform for the Irish and Chinese alike, to come together to promote education and cultural integration, and to cultivate and develop extensive collaborative relationships.