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Samuel Chan

BA (Hons) Social Science, UCD – 2017 Year 2 Dublin is a lovely place and UCD has a lovely campus. Nothing more than enjoying the university life in a place where people are kind and approachable. You always want to study abroad, leaving your comfort zone without having so much pressure and here is the place. The weather here is nice as well, even though it is rather cold, but why not? Academic-wise the lecturer here are always friendly and you will meet a lot of international students here from the USA, Europe etc. so I could always meet different people and even organise study group with them!

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Moses Chan

BA (Hons) Social Science, UCD – 2017 Year 1 My study life in UCD is awesome. As UCD has a massive campus with all kinds of facilities such as libraries, gym room, sports courts etc. It indeed provides a comfortable environment for me to study, learn and enjoy the college life. I have met some friends in my course and in a society. I really make my college life more colourful so that it is not just about study. The lecturers in UCD are very professional too. They teach very well and always feel free to answer our questions. In many aspects, UCD really gives me a nice college experience for studying aboard.

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Tiffany Cheung

BSc (Hons) Biological and Chemical Science, UCC – 2017 Year 1 I have been studying in UCC for 3 months already which is a new life for me. Not like Dublin Cork is a city of culture, I can slow down myself to enjoy the study life. I love this learning environment which is really different from Hong Kong. In my course, nobody is Asian, except me! In here, I meet many new friends who come from different countries. They are so friendly and nice, so don’t be shy and say Hi to the one who sit next to you! I joined the Dublin day trip with Korean Society, therefore, I have met quite lots of friend who study at UCC, TCD, UCD and DIT. We had a good time, what a memorable experience!

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Vienna Leung

BA(Honours) in Psychology – National College of Ireland 2023 | Year 1

International Foundation in Business Management – DIFC 2022 Graduate

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Mac Feng

Medicine, University College Cork 2020 graduate Now working in Hong Kong One of the main reasons why I chose to study medicine in UCC is their emphasis on early patient contact and clinical experience. We started developing clinical skills such as physical examinations and history taking in the beginning of the 2nd year. In the same year, we were also sent out for home visits to interact with real patients living with chronic illnesses. In my opinion, these visits were the highlight of the year as it gives students a chance to understand compassion and empathy outside the lecture settings. The professors and lecturers are all well-trained in delivering high quality medical education. They constantly emphasize that medical students in UCC are seen as doctors in training and future colleagues. This creates a friendly learning environment and effective communication between students and the staff. The College of Medicine and Health also has world-class facilities including high fidelity simulation rooms in the newly built ASSERT centre and the FLAME lab for anatomical science. Cork is a small, peaceful yet colourful city with the campus conveniently located a quick 15-minute walk from the city centre. As a student from Asia, I was

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Zoey Chan

BA in Digital Marketing, Communication and Public Relations, Dundalk Institute of Technology 2022 | Year 1

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