Cherry Tung

Studying in Ireland
13th April, 2015

Studying overseas was never part of my plan. Yet, I came to Ireland to study because I wish to broaden my horizon.
Ireland, as a European country, has lots of difference when comparing to Hong Kong, especially in Galway, it is very quiet where you can focus on your study and on yourself. I have revised my learning style and found out the most effective way of learning for me. Also, classes are small that you can easily concentrate in class and make progress. What’s more, with the encouragement of your teachers, you will learn to motivate yourself when no one will help you to achieve your goals. It highly depends on how much effort you put in.
Galway has a spectacular sea view, you will feel relaxed and relieved whenever you are stressed about your work or being homesick. People in Ireland are very nice and friendly, they are always willing to talk to you. Although there are far less entertainment than in Hong Kong, you will be more likely to try new things and earn a new experience. In addition, you can join festivals such as Saint Patrick’s Day, Food Festival, all of these festivals show the friendliness and hospitality of Irish people.

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