Aisha Chung

2014年畢業 – IIBS : Advanced Certificate in Business
升讀UCC – Bachelor (Hon) in international Commerce 

Studying in Ireland provides me with an opportunity to experience an entirely different culture. The environment is extremely comfortable with a slower tempo and relaxing atmosphere which allows me to refresh myself after finishing study. One thing that has impressed me a lot is that Irish people are unbelievably friendly and kind. They are willing to chat with you despite not knowing you. Apart from the environment and culture, the quality education in Ireland also strengthens my academic knowledge a lot. Undoubtedly, studying abroad is the best way for me to become a better English user which is also one of the purposes of me being in Ireland. As I communicate with teachers in English all the time, I am actually becoming more confident when interacting with native speakers. Therefore, I think I have made the right decision to study in Ireland. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, I am sure that I can progress myself continuously and have an outstanding development in the future.

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