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Danny Leung

As a graduate of law and business at UCC, I’m really thankful that I’ve made the right decision for completing my third-level education in Ireland. UCC is an awesome college with a long history. It’s reasonably sized, easy to navigate and there are many clubs and societies that students can join to meet with different people from different countries. The academic staff are professional and well-trained in delivering lectures and tutorials. For my course, I would say the amount of assignments and group projects is average, and the importance of self-led studies is constantly being emphasised. We’re expected to do additional readings and independent thinking is greatly encouraged. Cork is a small but bustling city. UCC is only 15 minutes away from the main street by walking. It’s in general a very walkable city with everything you need in a close proximity. There’s always something new to explore. Studying in Ireland isn’t a popular option in Hong Kong, but it’s something that is worth considering. I’m glad that I’ve made the right decision and I enjoyed staying here a lot.

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