Bella Li

BA in Culinary Art, DKIT

I have an amazing time in the past few months of my first year studying at DKIT.  All of the lecturers are equipped with very high qualifications and they conduct classes with professional attitudes. In the lectures, they are helpful, friendly and funny. They talk to me like friends without inequity. 

Normally I have classes in the kitchen 4 days a week, so I have a lot of opportunities to practice kitchen skills instead of only watching and listening. 

Furthermore, there are many sports and societies open to students. For example archery and fencing. Sometimes there are tours visiting different places and the costs are really low.

About our learning assessment, lecturers always tell us not to stress too much on exams but to do better assignments. It’s great, I don’t need to worry too much on exams and enjoy classes.  My lecturer Michael also assisted me to get a part-time job, he is very kind and takes good care about me that I feel so warm here.

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