Tiffany Cheung

BSc (Hons) Biological and Chemical Science, UCC – 2017 Year 1 I have been studying in UCC for 3 months already which is a new life for me. Not like Dublin Cork is a city of culture, I can slow down myself to enjoy the study life. I love this learning environment which is really […]

Moses Chan

BA (Hons) Social Science, UCD – 2017 Year 1 My study life in UCD is awesome. As UCD has a massive campus with all kinds of facilities such as libraries, gym room, sports courts etc. It indeed provides a comfortable environment for me to study, learn and enjoy the college life. I have met some […]

Samuel Chan

BA (Hons) Social Science, UCD – 2017 Year 2 Dublin is a lovely place and UCD has a lovely campus. Nothing more than enjoying the university life in a place where people are kind and approachable. You always want to study abroad, leaving your comfort zone without having so much pressure and here is the […]