Foundation Programme

Foundation programmes are suitable for school-leavers who do not meet the entry requirements for university and form 5 students with high-academic performance. The foundation course is a one-year programme, providing two intakes (September and January). Students who start the course in January can also progress to the undergraduate programme in September of the same year. Some foundation courses guarantee progression to university if the student successfully completes the course and achieves high enough grades.

See the below table for more details.

ProgrammeEntry RequirementsFoundation Course Providers
Foundation Course

Students who have completed secondary school:

Aged 17 at the time of admission

Current two years of school reports

High school examinations result

IELTS 5.5 or above ( depends on programme)

Form 5 students:

Aged 17 at the time of admission

Current two years of school reports, with an average score of 70% or above

IELTS English test score 5.5 or above (depending on the course)

Foundation course providers such as DIFC, ONCAMPUS IRELAND offer foundation courses in different streams including Medicine, Dentistry, Business Management, Engineering, Technology, Science etc. After completing the course, graduates can progress to universities in Ireland, the UK and other European countries.

Universities like Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, Munster Technological University, etc. provide their own foundation course.

Some foundation courses welcome Form 5 students with excellent academic results.