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Mac Feng

Medicine, University College Cork 2020 graduate

Now working in Hong Kong

One of the main reasons why I chose to study medicine in UCC is their emphasis on early patient contact and clinical experience. We started developing clinical skills such as physical examinations and history taking in the beginning of the 2nd year. In the same year, we were also sent out for home visits to interact with real patients living with chronic illnesses. In my opinion, these visits were the highlight of the year as it gives students a chance to understand compassion and empathy outside the lecture settings. The professors and lecturers are all well-trained in delivering high quality medical education. They constantly emphasize that medical students in UCC are seen as doctors in training and future colleagues. This creates a friendly learning environment and effective communication between students and the staff. The College of Medicine and Health also has world-class facilities including high fidelity simulation rooms in the newly built ASSERT centre and the FLAME lab for anatomical science.

Cork is a small, peaceful yet colourful city with the campus conveniently located a quick 15-minute walk from the city centre. As a student from Asia, I was initially quite nervous moving to Ireland but Cork’s warm community helped ease my transition from a major city like Hong Kong. The UCC community is comprised of people that come from all around the world, making it a culturally diverse environment.

After graduation, I moved to Galway to start my internship. It was a great experience as I got to truly put my medical knowledge into everyday clinical practice. As an intern, not only do you get to enhance your practical skills but also actively contribute to the care for your patients. The internship program in Ireland caters to the individual goals of their junior doctors. For example, my strong interest in medical education allowed me to organize and lead bedside teaching and case discussion tutorials for NUIG medical students during their hospital clerkships. As I approach the last 2 months of my internship, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity as it gave me the confidence to practice medicine in Hong Kong.

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