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Adithya Sivakumar 

My name is Adithya Sivakumar and I am a student from Hong Kong studying Medicine at Trinity College Dublin. My experiecne being an international student quite literally from the other side of the world so far has been something very unique that I believe everyone should experience in their lives. Being a student from Hong Kong, which is a vastly diverse community, I did not personally undergo much of a culture shock coming to Dublin. However, I can say with confidence that the Dublin community is one that is accommodating of all people regardless of where they come from and what they are used to. Trinity itself has a vast array of international societies that would make foreigner feel at home. Furthermore, the major contrast in life experiences not only from going to college but also being in an unfamiliar place at the same time is something that promotes personal development like no other. This is something that I strongly believe university should offer for us to embrace our transition into future leaders.

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