Trinity Walton STEM Programme 2024

Ireland has always been known as a beautiful island country, recognized for its stunning natural scenery, deep cultural heritage, and friendly people. In addition to benefiting from language and living experiences, students can also gain a deeper understanding of local culture and traditions. The Trinity Walton STEM Programme is designed for students aged 14 – 17.

STEM refers to an educational approach that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many schools incorporating STEM elements into their curriculum and extracurricular activities. This approach aims to cultivate students’ knowledge and talent in the field of science, allowing them to develop multidimensionally and adapt to future societal needs.

The Trinity Walton STEM programme lasts for two weeks and takes place at Trinity Walton Club in Trinity College Dublin. Students will participate in activities alongside STEM experts, engaging in hands-on projects and design work to enhance their critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. They will also deepen their knowledge, skills, and curiosity in STEM subjects. This summer programme includes English language tuition and a series of extracurricular activities. Additionally, there will be a full-day short trip each week, allowing students to experience the beauty and uniqueness of Ireland.

Period:14th July to 28th August (Two weeks)

Age requirement: 14 – 17


Course Highlights:

STEM sessions and English language tuition

Sports, Irish music & dance, Treasure Hunts

Full day excursions and cultural visits

Residential Accommodation


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Original Price: €3500

IIEC Discount Price : €3360

For any inquires and applications, please contact us by the following:

Phone| 2625 4406


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